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When we find evidence of termites, nicely advise you to schedule a comprehensive individualized treatment to push them out of your building for good.If we dont find any, you may want to have a proactive treatment done to keep them from coming into your home in the first place. If not, we can recommend several methods to clear your property of termite-attracting vegetation and timber.Its well worth the investment.

We back up our work with a manufacturers warranty for the peace of mind.Emergency Termite InspectionsTermites are hard to detect. Thats why its important to call in the professionals when you see potential termite damage in your home.Termite damage to the fenceMuddings on the ground that the dog or kids didnt tug in Timber that appears soft in areas Dont wait.

Together with our high tech equipment, nicely track down where these creatures are hiding.Our equipment can discover termites on the transfer without harming your homes walls or other structures. A termite detection camera with thermal imaging and motion sensors are only a part of our arsenal.Once we find their hiding places and know how many there are, well treat your home to eliminate any trace of the termite nest or colony.



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Our insured, fully trained, and licensed inspectors have earned their trust through years of accurate identification and treatment of termite inspections.You must trust us, too. With our qualified wood pest inspectors, you can be certain that youre working with the best termite control professionals in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane areas.If youre buying a home, you owe it to yourself to learn exactly what youre getting into.

Even new houses can play host to these insects. Before making your final payment, take the opportunity to telephone Suburban Pest Management for a thorough termite inspection before you take possession of this home.Similarly, if you are looking at a house which is up for auction, it pays to know its condition before you buy.

A pre-auction inspection will help you gage your bid according to the condition of your potential home or investment.Regular Termite Management and Annual InspectionsOnce weve cleared out any existing termites, you want to keep your house or office termite-free. With our regular this termite management plan, we'll check your home every year to be certain your barrier termite control functions as it should.



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Its something you shouldnt put off until tomorrow.Well be pleased to help you maintain your home termite-free for see post years to come. Establish your inspection with Suburban Pest Management today. .

Termite Solutions Victoria is Melbournes professional Termite and Timber Pest Inspection company.  We specialise in Pre Purchase Termite and Timber Pest Inspections and assist people who suspect that they might have termites in their building.

Combining the experience of a Builder, with qualified and experienced Pest Controllers, we offer a unique termite inspection service that positions us to advise you on termite treatment and prevention but also what might be required to fix your termite affected building.

Zero Termite & Pest, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas offering expert termite control and removal services.



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Blast Pest Management specialise in termites. Our aim is to eliminate the harmful termite colonies which are causing damage to your property. Every year, home owners spend countless amounts of money fixing or rebuilding possessions as a result of damage caused by subterranean wood eating termites.Did you know: While termites may look like white ants, scientists concluded they are now a social kind of cockroach Research indicates the cockroach penchant for coprophagy, or eating faeces, could well have headed termites to evolve in the first location.

We use the latest Detection Equipment including THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS INVASIVE INSPECTION CAMERAS and MOISTURE DETECTION METERS to your peace of mind.

DETECTION when you have not already found active Termites on you property our specialized Technicians have all the experience and knowledge to detect Termites during a routine Timber Pest Inspection of your house.

In case you have already found Termites on your house it's essential that you leave them undisturbed as much as possible by covering them up with duct tape or anything that will keep the Termite workings dark and sealed from our light and air.



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Termites comprise of 80% water and require their own nests and workings to be kept in around 38 degrees at all times, by opening the termite workings and not sealing up them instantly they may retreat back into the nest and return in a different position making it hard to eliminate the colony successfully first time. .

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